New try. This time we want to go to Minneapolis. Then via Chicago to Michigan, where the offspring will be visited. In the meantime a lot has happened. While flight prices have risen moderately, the car rental companies went up with the prices big time.

If our rental car in 2019 in Florida still cost 42,30 € per day, it will reach the € 95.73 this year. A plus of 126.31% ...

Update March 15th:

Also in 2021 there was, due to covid-19, we spent a short vacation in the Germany only. A ride to the Hunsrück, where we visited old friends, caused a little recreation.

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The planning of our trip 2020 have been messed up by the COVID-19 thing.... So no trip.

Therefore we decided to let you know about the procedure to cancel the flight AND get the money back.

January 14th: Spontaneously as we are, we decided to go to Paris for a few days and booked immediately. Hotel and flight for about 880 euros.

The hotel is the Timhotel Montmartre on 11 Rue Ravignan in the 18th arrondissement, on the edge of the quarter of the same name.Timotel Eingang

Our route in 2019 from Florida to Michigan:
USA2019 Route

From Chicago via Michigan/UP to the Niagarafalls and back to Michigan.
USA2018 Route en

Our longest tour so far! Here are the first diary entries ...
Translated by Google. So have mercy....


Our Tour 2016:

 No content yet. But a video: