In times of Corona, many false news, so-called fake news, circulate on the Internet. Conspiracy theorists, right-wing extremists and others try to manipulate the opinion of the reader / listener. But fake news is also popular in the blogs, websites and organizations that are close to me.

What's to do? First of all, always have a look who says what. Source analysis is the magic word. Even with apparently credible sources you have to look closely. Here's an example.

I am not a friend of Donald Trump. That's why I am following 3 pages from the USA on Facebook that deal critically with him. Call To Activism is one of them.
A man posted this picture on the organization's Facebook page.Fake news about trump
The saying sounds like a typical Trump. Then I searched the beginning of the text on Google for the sake of interest. I came across some so-called fact checker sites. And lo and behold - this is a fake. Marked as such for several pages. Here are just two examples:

- (an austrian site, in German only)

So this is a good example of how important source analysis is so we don't believe everything we read.
Stay critical!